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We've made it easier than ever to search for the songs you want. Want to listen to your favourite bands newest album? We have it. Want to enjoy an obscure 80's pop hit? We have that too. Trying to find an anime OST? We have all of those and much more.

No intrusive ads.

Skip, shuffle and listen to music as much as you want. No more intrusive ads or random bands interrupting your playlist. No more waiting to find that right song. Enjoy the music you want to without being tied down.

Power of MUSE


There are millions of songs on MUSE. Play your favorites, discover new tracks, and build the perfect collection.

New Releases.

Hear this week’s latest singles and albums, and check out what’s hot in the Top 50.


Know what you want to listen to? Just search and hit play.

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Enjoy new music every day with your own personal playlist. Or sit back and enjoy Radio.


Check out the latest charts, brand new releases and great playlists for right now.

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